How did you become a professional hair and makeup artist and what do you love most about your job?
I grew up in the rather small Bavarian town of Nürnberg and it has always been my dream to become a professional hair and make-up artist and travel the globe. In order to achieve that I finished my training as a professional hairdresser first. After that I got a chance to work in a theatre and get trained as a special effects make up artist. I worked at the theatre for three years which was a great experience because you basically have to do magic in a short amount of time.

However, I followed my dream of becoming a freelance hair and makeup artist to Munich and luckily I am now with the Phoenix team! I love to transform people through make-up and hairstyling. It is awesome to see how you can bring the best out of people through a change in their style.

What is your favorite beauty tool on set?
I really love healthy hair which is why I treat it with a lot of care. My favorite tools on set are my hair straightener by ghd with heat protection and some products from LA BIOSTHETIQUE, for example their styling mousse Pilviplax S. I like to use styling powder for hair volume and also enjoy using a bit of salt spray to create easy summer looks. As far as make-up goes, I like to go for a natural look. Thats why I first apply MAC’s concealer on specific spots. After that I use a thin layer of MAC’s face and body. For eyebrows I gently use a thin eyebrow pen from Dior.

What does your daily beauty routine look like, is there any beauty product you can’t live without?
Before I go to bed I always remove my make-up. After that I use castor oil for my eyebrows and eyelashes and I let it rest overnight. I love hyaluronic ampoules for an anti-aging effect. For my hair I like Khiel’s products, for example their conditioner.

What do you consider the best moment of your career so far or what achievement are you especially proud of?
I am really proud of the time that I spent teaching a hair and make-up class in Uganda. It was a great opportunity and really fulfilling to see how I could use my knowledge to give others a tool to change their circumstances. Furthermore I am proud that I took the challenging step of leaving my save day job to work freelance on a full time basis. It allowed me to grow and take on new challenges with a lot of motivation.

Where do you get your inspiration for new beauty looks from?
For inspiration I follow photographers I really admire, magazines and runway shows on social media or the web. What also really inspires me is to travel to other countries and see how people express themselves through fashion and style. The cool thing of traveling is that due to different seasons other countries are often ahead of us when it comes to fashion.

How do you like to relax in your free time , maybe any great spa tipps?
I love spring and summer because I can ride my motorbike and enjoy the weather outside. I also enjoy going to the gym and eating healthy food. The sea is my spa because of the great skin and perfect hair you get from the sea water. Travel as much as you can!

Thank you Sandra for this amazing interview!

Interview by Sylvia Paula Weber

For more info on Sandra´s work check out the Phoenix Instagram or Phoenix Website.

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