Make-Up Artist ?
I didn’t know this job existed when I started as a hairdresser back in the days.
I was watching my mom doing her morning routine and was fascinated by the faces she did while applying her make up.
As a ballroom dancer I used to help the girls getting ready for competition .
It was then when I had that key moment in life were I decided I want to become a makeup artist.

I saw a dancer at a big competition in Germany and I was fascinated by her beauty and the fact that she looked completely different next morning at breakfast. Back then I didn’t know you could create a different look just by putting make-up in your face. So I started to work on transforming faces. It does help women to feel beautiful ,and I think it is an amazing thing being able express you emotions by the way you wear your make-up.

I learned from one dancer in particular , who I did the make up for – she would not let go until everything was perfect. which I didn’t understand at first because she was going to move on the dance floor anyway. However, I learned from here to  to become a perfectionist about make-up. Because I didn´t event know that retouching existed!

So in the end magazine covers and actually drag queens influenced me to work on my technique.
Living in Munich,London,Miami,Berlin,traveling,Zeitgeist and Art made me who I am today.

Make Up spans as a tool in history and culture at least 6000 years and is present in almost every society on earth.
It is so interesting to think about what is beautiful how society decides if it is immoral,provocative or not.
Did you know there were times cosmetics could only be bought in theatrical costume stores because it was so unpopular ?!
Women used burned matchsticks to darken the eye lashes, amazing how the products developed in the last 100 years.
The first boom in cosmetic surgery was actually during the 1920s and 1930s after first world war.
It is sometimes in the 1960s when they started to use it as a cosmetical tool to reduce the signs of aging.
Around the same time,world war 1, they even started to do cosmetic tattooing inserting skin tones in damaged faces and cover scars with colors.

Fashion and make up became my EVERYDAY LOVE and we have all the fantastic products to choose.
If I had to start my journey again, I would do it again. I really love my work.

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