Tell me a bit about your career path and what you like most about your job.
At the time when I became a fashion stylist, it was still a quite new profession. I have always been interested in costume design, as I love to create characters. I am very playful and creative with my own wardrobe and so I invested a lot of time and passion to build an extensive own wardrobe of clothing and accessories. My love for fashion became a steady companion in my early career and at some point I got the chance to work on my first projects and productions as a fashion stylist. My first story in Style & The Family Tunes got published, at that time it was the only underground fashion forward magazine in Germany.
I worked for Spex, Zoo Magazine, Sleek and many more after that. Furthermore, I worked at Comme des Garcons and became Charlotte Roche´s fashion consultant. In 2006 I took my portfolio and went to New York to work there, which was one of the most important and most beautiful stages in my career.

In 2007 I moved from Cologne to Munich to open up and manage a branch of menswear label Herr von Eden there. It is a great experience to manage a fashion store, however, fashion styling stayed my biggest passion and I started to work full time as a fashion stylist again together with Phoenix Agentur. I am very grateful for the variety of experiences, projects and encounters my profession has to offer and I always stay curious for the future.

Where do you like to shop for your own wardrobe, any recommendations?
I love secondhand stores and flee markets all over the world.
I would recommend to visit „Gabin“ store in Georgen Street in Munich.

Do you have a piece in your closet you cherish most?
It is hard to pick just one – however, I will definitely inherit my blue Margiela blouse and my denim collection.

What do you consider the best moment of your career so far?
There were so many great moments. I love to get together with creative, substantial people and create something new from scrap. I am a teamplayer and I love to push each other creatively to never stop evolving.

Do you have any favorite labels or designers that influenced you as a fashion stylist?
My favorite designer and visionary has always been Martin Margiela, who has been an inspiration for so many in this industry until today.
However, in this wonderful ever changing times I became a big fan of Christophe Lemaire´s purism and timelessness. I admire J.W. Anderson and the great, deconstructive designs of Jaquemus for their progressiveness.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I get inspired by nature, by the liveliness of big cities, by other people and by art.

Thank you very much for this great interview, Katharina!

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