Tell me a bit about your career – how did you become a fashion stylist? 
One could say I grew into it – in my teens I began to prepare outfits for my mother´s fashionshows. Later on I became a model, working on an international level and often having to care for my own styling before castings or even on set. During that time I realized that I had a talent for fashion styling. It only seemed natural for me to gradually shift to that field of work.

Do you have a favourite place to shop?
In my opinion, really good style is never too homogenous. It is only then, that  the “NOW” can look natural. Therefore I tend to shop in many places, depending on the task – some local designer pieces and some seasonal basics, mixed with a touch of high-end. That is how you get an authentic look: mixed ingredients.
However, I do of course have some all time favorite places in Munich, for instance Inge Grandl’s shop VintageLove, or Schwabing Mitte, a very eclectic shop where you can be sure to always find the unexpected. I can also recommend iki m, an organic, fair trade fashion and second hand clothing store.

What is your favorite piece in your closet? 
I guess there are two categories – “always” and “now”.
I am a great fan of classics. My favorite piece in the „classics category“ is my trench coat, because it allows for endless new interpretations. As for the „now“, I recently love to wear a collarless, blue, egg-shaped coat by Triangle for example.

What do you consider the best moment of your career so far or what achievement are you especially proud of?
It was a great honour to style Australian superstar Kylie Minogue for Pro7.

Who is your favorite designer?
That is constantly changing – at the moment I like to wear Freddies of Pinewood highcut retro jeans.

Where do you get the inspiration for your work from? 
By definition of the word, it is being “inhaled” – inspiration needs to be easy and comes when I do not force it to come – when I trust myself. However, most of all I am inspired by people – the outfits of my close friends and colleagues are an important influence. Therefore my muses are called Katharina and Jasmina!

Thank you Sibylle for this great Q&A!

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