How did you become a professional hair and makeup artist and what do you love most about your job?
I first got inspired by my mother, who is a designer for evening gowns and wedding dresses. I loved to browse through her fashion magazines and to express myself creatively by painting on everything in reach, from our porcelain to the different fabrics my mother worked with.
When I got older, I wanted to travel, to see the world and to meet interesting people. Furthermore, as I have always been passionate about the arts, design, fashion, cosmetics and beauty, I was looking for a job to combine all my interests. Which is basically how I became a hair and makeup artist, makeup product developer and beauty trendscout.

I love to emphasize the individual , natural beauty of my models and I enjoy the versatility of my every day work. I can use my experience in the beauty sector to develop new makeup products for international companies or to present makeup tutorials in magazines. As I travel a lot and visit many beauty, design and fabric fairs, I work closely with trend forecast agencies in Europe and abroad as a trendscout. It is great fun to pass on this Know-How to my costumers in regular, made-to-measure trend presentations.

What is your favorite beauty tool on set?
The most important beauty tool, no matter if on set or at home is a good concealer. It simply is the quickest beautifier which helps optimize and correct complexion throughout every step of a great, natural makeup job!

What does your daily beauty routine look like,is there any beauty product you can´t live without?
My daily Must-Have is a product, that I developed myself – the Liquid Foundation by STAGECOLOR. It´s like a nourishing treatment with some coverage. I apply it partially on the face and it looks very natural in every light situation which makes it great for layering. After that, I apply a concealer and finish off with a soft contouring and strobing, also using one of my own creations, the Tender Rosewood Blush from STAGECOLOR´s Face Design Collection. For the lips I use some tinted lip balm.

What do you consider the best moment of your career so far?
I´d say the best moments are when you meet inspiring and interesting people or you get together with a great team that brings out your maximum potential. Apart from that, it was definitely a highlight of my career to shoot three beauty tutorials with Heidi Klum in L.A.

Where do you get your inspiration for new beauty looks from?
Mostly from my travels, as well as art exhibitions, the fairs I visit and the presentations of the trend agencies.

How do you like to relax in your free time?
Water is a great source of energy for me. Which is why I spend every free minute at a lake, the sea or even a river and just listen to the water rippling. I also love stand-up paddling in the early morning at Starnberger See and yoga. At the end of a long work day it also balances me a lot to play my Kyotaku (bamboo flute from Japan).

Thank your Iris for this great interview!

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Interview by Sylvia Paula Weber

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