hair / make-up / Markus Kopp Picture by Andreas Ortner 19. Apr 2017

Q&A with hair and makeup artist Markus Kopp

How did you become a professional hair and makeup artist and what do you love most about your job?
I started the classic way as a hairstylist with a master certificate. As head of the Schwarzkopf Academy in Hamburg and Berlin I was responsible for all the big international shows, presenting new hairstyles and products. At some point I realized that perfect hairstyle always needs perfect makeup. So I got into it, learning by doing…. I love being creative with hair and makeup at the same time, especially when my job is taking me to all those beautiful places in the world!

What is your favorite beauty tool on set?
I can´t live AND work without my Elnett hairspray. It’s my life saver and very easy to use! I adore DAVINES hairstyling products, especially the blow dry primer. I use it for heat protection and as bodyfying lotion on my models´ hair. Furthermore I recommend the DAVINES Oi Oil as finish for a great shine and texture (best smell ever!!!!!!!!). When it comes to skin: the new Diorskin Nude Air Colour Gradation powder is a fantastic natural beautiful looking highlighter!

What does your daily beauty routine look like, is there any beauty product you can’t live without?
I just discovered natural organic dry oils again! Almond , jojoba, vitamine e and argan oil at its purest quality! I simply use it as my daily skin care. They absorb easily and give the skin a gorgeous glow. It’s also the best way to remove your makeup without skin irritations! And hey: it works for girls and for boys!

What do you consider the best moment of your career so far ?
One of the most memorable moments was to stand in front of Her Royal Highness Queen Silvia of Sweden (dressed in her bathrobe), and being asked to do her makeup for the BAMBI Award which she received later that night. Her court ladies told me I only had 15 minutes to go! I forgot all about the royal etiquette rules, but she looked beautiful that night and I was honored with a royal medal from Sweden. That’s what I love about this job – it never gets boring!

Where do you get your inspiration for new beauty looks from?
I simply open my eyes. The world around me is more than inspiring. The beauty of nature, people walking by, different cultures and history. And you have to be ahead of the latest in fashion by following important blogs and „traveling“ the world wide web.

How do you like to relax in your free time , maybe any great spa tipps?
Although I really travel a lot for my job, I still love to travel in my free time as well. Relaxing on the beach and in the sun! But I also like my couch back home! And whenever there is a chance I’ll go for an Ayurveda treatment in India. There is nothing like a Shirodara! Coconut milk dripping on your forehead and your mind drifting away…amazing!

Thank you Markus for the great interview!

Picture by Andreas Ortner

Interview by Sylvia Paula Weber

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